Publet re-opens on 8/1/20

Hello, this is Publet team.

We announced an interruption of service for the purpose of server optimization and security measure implementation, on our website and social media channels on July 8th, 2020. Furthermore, do prevent any financial losses to the users, we have checked through every transactions and details in our system, and did out best to service Publet at the most optimal level.

Through this update, we are implementing many suggestions and improvements to make Publet a better wallet.

The new update will entail following features.

1. Login OTP (one-time password) feature:

A six digits OTP will be sent via a text message to your registered phone number, and you will need to enter the OTP to log in. This prevents any unauthorized logins at the beginning, thus protecting your assets from hacking threats.

2. OTP for External Transactions

An OTP authentication will also be required for external transactions, any transactions sends assets outside of Publet. By implementing OTP at this step. We can prevent any unwanted withdrawals by the transaction can only be requested with the OTP sent to the registered phone number.

3. The IDA’s decimal point is adjusted to 2 decimal places.

1 IDA is pegged at 1 USD. So, you can now easily check the value of IDA in term of USD with just two decimal points, which is equivalent to cents now.

4. The IDP — no more decimal points.

1 IDP is pegged at 1 KRW. Since there is no value lower than 1 for KRW, we have removed the decimal points completely. Furthermore, the API transfer between IDAMBIZ website and Publet would cause an error due to the decimal points. That issue will be fixed with this update.

5. Automatic Price Setting for OTC

We have added a function to automatically enter the current market price for the OTF offer price. If you would just like to trade OTC at the current market price, you don’t have to input a separate price again. Furthermore, the OTC offer price can now only be set within ±20% of market price.

The updated, improved, and better Publet re-opens on August 1st, 2020, 9AM KST.

We will do our best to prevent such events from happening again, and greatly appreciate your patience and interest you have shown toward Publet. We will continuously work hard to meet your expectations in the future.

Thank you,

-Publet team